Priva ECO - The uneviable life of an energy manager

The unenviable life of an Energy Manager

The climate for energy saving is very favorable at the moment. As a building manager or energy manager there is a very wide choice of all kinds of energy-saving measures and systems from which to choose. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff, or seeing the wood for the trees?

As the person responsible for energy saving in a building, you are not in an enviable position. Everyone looks to you to come up with new ideas over and over again. However, you already have had insulation installed throughout the building, the building already has double glazing and with the installation of a few heat pumps you have done just about everything possible, right? And yet it is not enough to reach your goals.

So, you’d better start looking for smart systems that can help you. Searching the words 'energy management' gives you 197 million hits in Google. Good luck with that! Furthermore, what's striking about these search results is that all these systems mainly offer insight. The idea of those systems is that insight leads to actions, which in turn lead to savings. Tool vendors overlook that as an energy manager you simply don't have the time (nor the desire) to spend the whole day behind a screen, perform actions and then sit behind that same screen again to check whether these actions have led to improvements.

Looking for a self-driving car

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a solution that would really unburden you, a solution that can do everything automatically? Does something like that even exist? Isn't that like looking for a self-driving car in a world of dashboards?

Yes, it is. But new technologies create a lot of new opportunities in our modern world. Things like the computing power, scale and reliability of the Cloud to name but a few. But also, the unprecedented possibilities of artificial intelligence and the innovative view of the world of Digital Twins.

So, if you’re an energy manager: don't panic. There is a system that can turn any building with any building management system into a self-driving car (not literally of course).
It’s called Priva ECO.

Why is that different from the other 197 million solutions?

As mentioned earlier, most of the tools in the marketplace offer a dashboard. You as a user are still responsible for improving on the technical installation it monitors. Priva ECO is very different. It uses a Digital Twin of the building and artificial intelligence to test scenarios. The best scenarios solve the impressively complicated puzzle of juggling various energy sources, energy prices, the weather and all sorts of quant responses of the building itself, and creates a perfect indoor climate with the lowest possible usage of energy. Time and time again.

So instead of you having to adjust the Building Management System all the time to steer comfort, Priva ECO is like that self-driving car, doing all of that for you. 

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