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Priva ECO is a self-learning software solution that automatically optimizes climate conditions and energy usage in your building. It is an add-on to your existing installations, an extra strategic layer on top of your building automation system to maximize comfort at the lowest possible costs.

The Artificial Intelligence in our tool combines historical and real-time data to manage your climate. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Without any human intervention.

Priva ECO | Using AI to improve comfort while reducing energy consumption

Priva ECO in your building?

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Priva ECO in your building

Please leave us your contact details and we'll contact you to explain our solution in detail.

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Add-on to your existing BMS

Priva ECO adds a strategic layer to existing building automation systems.

It interacts with your building and installations to create the perfect working conditions, get the best out of your existing installations and make optimal use of renewable sources.

Priva ECO is a vendor independent add-on. It connects with all Priva systems and any system capable of communicating via BACnet (IP and MS/TP), Modbus (IP and RTU) or XML.

Priva ECO - Vender independent add-on
Priva ECO - Cloud Solution Image

Cloud Service

Installation is almost plug-and-play. After proper preparations, the actual installation takes about a day.

Even after installation the system remains flexible, you can easily add or remove energy sources.

Of course, our data security complies with latest technology and legislation.

Fully Automatic System

Unlike other systems, Priva ECO doesn’t rely on a you to do the actual work and then claim your work as a benefit of the tool. Priva ECO interacts with your building and does that on its own, 24/7 and fully automatic.

Priva ECO - Fully Automatic Image
Priva ECO - Digital Twin Image

Digital Twin

A digital twin of your building is used to test and predict most common scenario's based on:

  • Building usage and occupation rate
  • Current weather conditions and weather forecast
  • Desired comfort level and room conditions
  • Changing supply of renewable energy sources

Artificial Intelligence

The AI is based on Microsoft Azure technology and smart algorithms developed by Priva. This enables the software to learn about the behavior of a building and the influences of different factors.

This self learning system gets the best out of your existing installations, making optimal use of renewable sources, low-temperature heat production and thermal storage in your building and installations.

Priva ECO - Artificial Intelligence Image

Projects & Results

The Priva ECO software has been applied to a wide variety of buildings. From sports facilities to financial service companies and from universities to governmental buildings.

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Priva ECO - City Hall Groesbeek

About us

Priva is a Netherlands-based tech company that develops hardware, software and services in the field of climate control and energy saving. Priva ECO is our solution to make the lives of building owners and facility managers easier, while improving the comfort and reducing the environmental footprint of their building.

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