Priva ECO has been applied to a wide variety of buildings. From sports facilities to financial service companies and from universities to governmental buildings.

Without exceptions, all projects show significant savings in energy and gas usage. But even more important; all our customers are more than delighted about the improvement in comfort in their building and the significant drop in complaints about their indoor climate. 

Case study - Avans university

In a pilot project at the ’s-Hertogenbosch campus, Avans University of Applied Sciences (Avans Hogeschool) achieved savings of almost 40% on natural gas consumption for heating. “But, for us, it's about a lot more than saving money,” argues energy coordinator Sebastian van Velthoven. “Priva ECO helps us reach our quality and sustainability goals.”

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Avans Hogeschool - Priva ECO

Case study - Goldbeck

It is no secret that the GOLDBECK Group has cooperated with Priva for many years in the field of building automation. The German building contractor is using and implementing Priva products and services throughout their own buildings and with ongoing projects. One of the reasons for the close cooperation lies in the fact that the product philosophy of both companies harmonizes in many ways. It became obvious that GOLDBECK’s new office building, located in Bielefeld would serve as a first implementation site for Priva ECO.

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Case Study - City Hall Groesbeek

The municipality of ‘Berg en Dal’ (35,000 inhabitants) was the first municipality in the Netherlands to apply the Priva ECO in their town hall. The excellent results speak for itself: 20% energy savings and a CO2 reduction of 17,30 metric tons.

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Priva ECO - City Hall Groesbeek

More Priva ECO Projects

We are proud we realized the following projects in collaboration with our parters

Project City Country   Partner
HZ University of applied sciences  Vlissingen NL      Cloud Energy Optimizer
Univé Insurances Assen NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
V&M system integrator Apeldoorn NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
City Hall Groesbeek Groesbeek NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Fontys Sport College Eindhoven NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Tilburg University Tilburg NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Omnisport, sports-meetings-events Apeldoorn NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Provinciehuis Overijssel Zwolle NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Wehkamp, office Zwolle NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Twente University Enschede NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Schiphol Real Estate, Columbus building    Amsterdam NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Heemstede Castle Houten NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
ROC Friese poort Leeuwarden    NL   Cloud Energy Optimizer
Post Nord Silkeborg DK Vitani
Goldbeck Munster D Priva
Assemblin Malmö S Priva
Rabobank Utrecht NL Van Lente
Avans Den Bosch NL Priva ECO
Campus André Dumont Genk B Priva ECO
Goldbeck Bieleveld D Priva ECO
Woonconcept Meppel Meppel NL Coneco/Re3com
Van Beek Ingenieurs Arnhem NL Van Beek
KBC Brussel Brussel B Cenergie
Vives automechanica Kortrijk B Cenergie / Start2Control

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Priva ECO in your building

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About us

Priva is a Netherlands-based tech company that develops hardware, software and services in the field of climate control and energy saving. Priva ECO is our solution to make the lives of building owners and facility managers easier, while improving the comfort and reducing the environmental footprint of their building.

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Priva ECO is a self-learning software solution that automatically optimizes climate conditions and energy usage in your building.  We combine historical and real-time data to manage your climate. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Without any human intervention.


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